If you have ever come across a program while watching TV where the original voice of the program is heard at a low volume, and on top of that you hear another voice in your language at a higher volume, then you have listened to a voice-over. This technique is used in documentaries, webinars, and televised interviews. The volume of the speaker’s voice is reduced to a certain number of decibels. At the same time, the voice of the person who serves as interpreter is overlaid on the speaker’s voice. Voice-over is a technique which requires a lot of precision because the person performing it must coordinate the speed of the speech. He can neither go faster nor slower than the speaker. Although this comes from the broadcast industry, it is also connected to the language sector.

Roberto has used his voice for corporate messages for employees and webinars about technology and evolution. This technique also transmits the emotions of the original speech. The listener will be able to hear the different emotional changes throughout the program. If the person is talking in a moment of happiness, sadness or pain, all of this will be reflected in two languages simultaneously.

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