Roberto León is a simultaneous interpreter, translator and international business expert. He graduated in international trade, holds an MBA and a postgraduate degree in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. From a young age, languages have been his stronghold and the primary business tool of his portfolio. He started translating contractual documents, political asylums, adoption forms, visas, marketing campaigns, civil documents, child abuse reports, criminal records, technical manuals and university programs. Shortly after becoming a translator, he began interpreting on assignments for conferences in Europe, Latin America, United States and Africa.

His interpretation services have been crucial to a number of organizations including: LyondellBassell, YMCA, European Commission, European Parliament, Inter-American Development Bank, La Via Campesina, Vonage, Ecolab, Hospital Gregorio Marañon and United Nations.

Roberto believes that people who are able to understand each other reach common goals easier. These attained goals lead to new horizons. He combines his work as a translator and interpreter with business consulting. In this field he has developed international procurement processes for companies. In addition, he has also managed the public relations of cultural projects. Prior to the language sector, he worked for the airline industry. Subsequently, he directed the international relations department for a conglomerate of companies located in Aruba, Miami, New York and Caracas.

From these experiences, he gained an interest in learning about the world and how to connect it. This search represents a restless goal for Roberto. Apart from languages and culture, Roberto has several hobbies such as swimming. This hobby has led him to take part in open water competitions and to become an advanced scuba diver certified by PADI. His life has revolved in several countries: Venezuela, United States, France and Spain, where he currently resides. Nevertheless, he usually travels around the world to participate as an interpreter in different venues. He also works as an Over the Phone Interpreter (OPI) for healthcare organizations in the United Kingdom and the United States. Since 2019, he has been a federal contractor authorized by the United States government for translation and interpretation services. Some areas of expertise in which he has excelled as a translator and interpreter are: green energies, healthcare, medicine, technology, STEM, finance, politics, human rights, marketing, architecture, immigration, agriculture, industries 5.0, artificial intelligence, transportation, fossil fuels and business. For Roberto, there is no such thing as a small client. Each client must receive personalized attention, tailored to the needs of their projects. No matter if you are an individual or a company. He will find a way to build long-lasting relationships and surpass your expectations on each assignment.

Commitment, perseverance, and knowledge, is what he reflects during each project he delivers.

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