Imagine you have a busy day ahead. You land at 8 am. at the airport. At 9 there is a board meeting and at 12 there is an activity with the trade unions. Last but not least, during the afternoon you will visit the hydroelectric plant to present the features of a new turbine. I forgot to mention something. All this is taken place in France and you don’t speak French. What do you? For these occasions, a liaison interpreter can accompany you from the door of the airplane and throughout the day. Roberto can accompany you through all the activities that make up your busy schedule abroad.

You can also use him to answer other people or make questions. Things which seem simple, like asking for a taxi or an address, can save you time and money. Another advantage you have when using a liaison interpreter is the use of the right words depending on the audience. Words like “concha” can mean something different in Spain, Venezuela and Argentina. By the way, never use that word with an Argentinean. On your next business trip, consider using a liaison interpreter and see the benefits for yourself.

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